Sebastian Bach
ABachalypse Now
Release Date: Out Now
Review by: Will Hollonds

SEBASTIAN BACH is the man most recognised behind all of those chilling vocal performances back in the heyday of hair metal, which left the girls screaming and the boys banging their heads and even pulling the lighters out from time to time for his amazing singing calibre on such classics SKID ROW classics such as ‘Youth Gone Wild’ and ‘18 and Life’. Fast forward to today and the blonde haired heartthrob is still wowing audiences around the world with his high energy, high octane live shows as well as solo studio albums which showcase the tremendous talent this now 45 year old still possesses as he can still rock out with the best of them and sing the same songs in the same key as they were written up to twenty years ago.

The ‘ABachalypse Now’ CDs contain live performances from when Sebastian performed on his recent tour at the Hellfest Festival in France on Disc 1 and a club show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles in 2012 on Disc 2. Performing tracks from his latest solo effort ‘Kicking and Screaming’ as well as tracks from ‘Angel Down’ as well as everybody’s favourite SKID ROW classics, there is a lot to enjoy in these live recordings.

With a clearer sound quality for the Hellfest show, BACH and his supremely talented band consisting of Nick Sterling on electric guitar and acoustic guitars,  Bobby Jarzombek on the drums,  Johnny Chromati on guitars and background vocals and Jason Rappise on the bass succeed to transfer the energy of the live setting onto a tape for the world to hear.

With highlight tracks such as ‘I Remember You’ and the fist pumping ‘Big Guns’, the crowd sound is amazing as Sebastian belts out classic after classic whilst still sounding somewhere near his best on all the songs. Although a live recording, it is worth documenting that SEBASTIAN has come out and claimed that some overdubs were done in the studio on these CDs, but what live shows bands release don’t right? All of this doesn’t matter however as when the heart melting lyrics of single ‘18 and Life’ are delivered with such power and heart that send chills down the spines of everyone whilst belting your lungs out as he gives his all on this iconic song.

Although not an as crisp recording, the LA show displays the real rawness and aggression and often delicate side to a SEBASTIAN BACH show as yet again, the tightness of the band shines through and delivers another stellar performance. With a slightly different setlist to the “Hellfest” gig, outstanding highlights on this disc are in fact some of BACH’s solo material including his incredible up-tempo foot stomper ‘(Love Is) A Bitch Slap’. Portraying a more than enjoyable representation in a live setting, I can’t help but cast my mind to imagining what it would be like at this very performance as Sebastian provides a near note perfect, adrenaline fuelled performance.

‘Youth Gone Wild’ closes proceedings on both discs and in both circumstances, the man they call “Baz” gives his all as band and co. Deliver the anthem of the generation with the energy and dynamism you would expect in the rebellious rock masterpiece that was the soundtrack to teenagers lives over the many years.

In both performances, SEBASTIAN BACH and his outrageously talented band deliver all the songs with the emotion they deserve, making the listener believe every not being hit and every chord being strum. Although these vocals have been altered in a studio to some degree the energy you’d expect from this iconic rocker is portrayed to perfection and the live feel really comes across to the listener. After all these years, there is no doubt the man still knows how to belt out the high notes and low for that matter whilst given a live show to the crowd which leaves them cheering for more.

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